Diagnostic Cartridge

for C64

Diagnostic cartridge for C64/128 (Board v.2.5)

Diagnostics for Commodore 64, 128 and 1541.

Supports C64 mode (8KB, 16KB and ULTIMAX roms) and C128 mode (16K roms).

The cartridge is provided with diagnostic software for C64 as :

  • dead test rev.781220
  • C64 diagnostic rev.586220
  • C64 Doctor (Trilogic)
  • C64 Diagnostic 324528-02
  • Diag-4.1.0
  • SID Test

Commodore 128 diagnostics (they run in 128 mode!) as:

  • C128 Diagnostic 789010
  • C128 Diagnostic 785260
  • C128 Diagnostic 588121
  • C128DCR Diagnostic 325109

And 1541 diagnostics and repairing tools.

***PLUS*** several utilities and games ....

The cartridge is configurable with jumpers.

Available also a reset button.

The cartridge is provided with a 2Mb FLASH A29002T (256KB) that can be programmed with an eprom/flash programmer with your own .BIN files.

You can install your own flash 29F020 or ask me ... I can provide a secondary flash.

Below the complete list of the installed sw and the jumper configuration guide:

C64 diagnostics C64-C128 OK.pdf