Commodore c64 e c64SX replacement for PLA Programmable Logic Array - 906114-01, 251064-01 or 82S100

The problem:

A faulty PLA can cause: Blank screen, no border, colored screen or flashing color garbage instead of startup screen, intermittant loss of cursor, screen freeze and/or program crashes after warmup or random characters on screen.

The original chip 906114-01 runs very hot and is very poor reliable. This is the first cause of problems on Commodore 64.

Replacing the fault PLA with an original chip doesn't fix the problem definitely due to their poor reliability.

The solution:

This chip is based on a new technology programmable logic arrays chip that reproduce exactly the functionalities and the timing of the original PLA.

It's compatible with all the C64 breadbin and C64SX boards and with all C64 cartridges including, Epyx FastLoad, Super Zaxxon, 1541 Ultimate I and II

Please note that a replacement based on a generic eprom technology can cause instability problems and incompatibility with particular cartridges as Epyx FastLoad, Super Zaxxon, 1541 Ultimate I and II

It's the ultimate solution for PLA replacements:

- it runs cold

- low consumption ... very low dissipation ... also for the internal power supply

- it is reliable (it will never burn)

This chip reproduce completely the internal logic and the timing of the original PLA !!!

High quality item, manufactured with high quality PCB.

It's possible to insert directly in the PLA socket. Compatible with normal or turned sockets.

Tested and working !!

I ship worldwide with or without tracking number.