Switchless Dual Kernal Adapter for C64

The dual kernal adapter can store up to 2 kernal rom images of the C64

The selection is done without an external switch !!!

At the boot the multirom starts with the default kernal. If you want to start with the secondary kernal it's enough to hold the key RESTORE during the boot ... easy!

You can change the default kernal at the boot with the minijumper installed on the multirom.

Two wires need to be soldered on the signals RESTORE and RESET.

See the pictures for the exact points to solder the wires.

Very simple to install !!

Please note that in order to install this adapter you need to desolder the original kernal rom and install a DIL24 socket.

This adapter can be inserted deirecly on the socket.

Let me know which rom images you want.

Can be provided the jumper version also.