2332/2364 DIP24 ROMs Adapter


The Commodore 64, its floppy drive 1541 and other vintage computers use old 2332 (4KB) and 2364 (8KB) DIP-24 roms.

For example the commodore 64 roms: CHAR SET (901225-01), BASIC (901226-01), KERNAL (901227-03) or the 1541 roms: DOS (325302-01), KERNEL (901229-05) are based on 2332/2364 DIP24 roms.

Also other vintage computers use DIP24 2332/2364 roms like PET CBM series computers, VIC20 ....

This Multirom, programmed with the images of the original roms replaces the old 2332 / 2364 roms.

The Multirom contains up to n.8 user-selectable original roms (4KB and/or 8KB) and can be configured on the user needs.

The Multirom will be shipped already programmed. Please ask for the choosed configuration.

Typical configurations

Kernal Multirom: with four kernal in one multirom as CBM, Speed Dos, EXOS, DolphinDos;

  • Have 4 Kernal in one multirom;

  • For testing several C64 kernals;

Test Multitom: C64 Kernal, C64 Basic, C64 Character;

  • Useful to discover fault roms as you can try all roms with one Multirom;

  • Useful as spare part. One Multirom can work as four original ROMS;

Custom configuration: please ask for custom configurations;

The Multirom advantages

- The Multirom replaces 2332 and 2364 rom;

- In one multirom you can have up to 8 user-selectable roms;

- Low dissipation;

- High reliable;

The multirom can store up to 8 banks of (8KB or 4KB) - with the 27c512

The selection is done with mini jumpers.

Jumper 1, 2 and 3 to select the rom bank:


Bank0 X X X

Bank1 - X X

Bank2 X - X

Bank3 - - X

Bank5 X X -

Bank6 - - -

Bank7 X - -

Bank8 - - -

Jumper 4 to select 4KB or 8 KB bank

(8KB set 4, 4KB unset 4)

Instead of jumpers it is possible to install switches in order to operate the image ROM selection remotely.

The multirom will be shipped already programmed and tested.


The multirom can be prepared as switchless version also.

At the boot the computer starts with the default kernal (primary kernal). If the restore key is pressed at the boot, the computer starts with the secondary kernal.

It's possible to change the default kernal by means of a mini jumper (the primary kernal becomes secondary and vice versa).